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BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY REPORT CARD will be a community analysis of Cannabis owner/operators commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. In a collaborative effort with the cannabis industry, BCEI will engage Metro Denver's dispensary and owner/operators to look at their equity efforts and commitments and to grade these efforts as they relate to Black community outreach, relationships and opportunities. The areas of grading will be employment opportunities, relationships with Black vendors, businesses and media, partnership opportunities with Black community organizations related to investments, sponsorship and contributions. << Community Report Card >>

BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY CLEARINGHOUSE & CALENDAR will be a one-stop shop for information, events and opportunities related to the Cannabis industry and the Black community in Metro Denver and throughout Colorado. BCEI in collaboration with cannabis industry leadership and owner/operstors will develop a calendar of "community partcipation and opportunity clinics" around expungements, hemp, business investment and opportunities, public policy, hiring information and resource fairs, training and technical assistance as well as special events. <<Events & News>>

BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY MONTHLY INFORMATION & ENGAGEMENT EVENTS will be a monthly Cannabis Industry - Community networking and education events focused on presenting updates on the challenges and opportunities in the Cannabis industry, special presentations and recognitions highlighting owner/operatiors and their vision, acknowledgement of outstanding Black individuals, organizations and businesses as well as assisting Cannabis industry owner/operators in meeting equity commitment. <<Events & News>>

BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY EQUITY BLOG will be an in-depth look at a mutiplicitity of issues impacting the Cannabis industry nationally, statewide and locally. This blog will focus on Cannabis industry equity, diversity and inclusion in the Colorado - Metro Denver area and the relationship with the Black community. The blog will be an opportunity to advertise, communicate with targeted audiences, present Cannabis - Community Calendar and highlight Cannabis owner/operators doing the equity work as well as spotlight BCEI preferred member sponsors.

BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT  REFERRAL SERVICE will be a community referral service for persons interested in employment opporunity in the Cannabis industry. In direct communication with Cannabis owner/operators who seek diversity and inclusion in their work place. BCEI will do community outreach and alert community partners to the opportunities that are available, do preliminary meetings/in-take and refer/match interested applicants to opportunity.

BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY MUSIC & ART PLACEMENT SERVICE will be a consultant service providing to Cannabis owner/operators a diversity music and art placement programs at their dispensary sites, that reflects the Black experience and acknowledges diverse customer background.

BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY EQUITY OPPORTUNITY & PARTICPATION CLINICS will focus on developing and implementing "community opportunity and participation clinics" and work sessions around expungments, hemp, business investment and opportunities, public policy, hiring information and resource fairs, training and technical assistance. 

BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY ADVISORY GROUP will be a monthly/quarterly information exchange and networking opportunity engagement dialogue between Cannabis industry leaders and BCEI membership.

BCEI CANNABIS INDUSTRY - COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM will be a membership initiative that wil collect membership dues. BCEI membership fees are used directly to hire staff, educate and communicate the equity, diversity and inclusion message related to the growth and opportunity in Colorado's cannabis industry. <<Cannabis Business Information Sheet>>  <<Membership Opportunities>>

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