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Louis Thomas


Cannabis Industry - Black Community Advisory Group

Louis Thomas is a Manufacturing Professional with over 30 years of successful manufacturing excellence and leadership experience. During the 30 plus years of operational experience Louis has been employed with some of the most well known businesses in the world. Initially, with General Motors Corp. At the Chevrolet- Pontiac-Canada group in Flint, MI. While employed at GM, Louis was heavily involved in the early stages of creating autonomous work groups which provided the employees the opportunity to identify potential defects and make instantaneous corrective actions as they were needed. It was during this time frame where Louis recognized the power of the work force, effective training, education, and leadership. How these principles can truly help to achieve that manufacturing excellence sweet spot that we all hope to bring to realize in our organizations. Louis’ leadership skills have also come into use as he has been involved with many training and educational based organizations. Louis has served as a Director on several community and nationally based organizations while living here in Denver. They include, Colorado Safety Association, Will to Win, Elyria Swansea Business association, Denver Achievement Academy, National Safety Association and The Northeast Metro Business council. Being an active part of the community and the word in which we live is an important part of who Louis is as a person. Finding viable solutions through business, education, community in short all aspects of life to help us all live better lives in peace and harmony is the ultimate objective.

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