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Member, Cannabis Industry - Black Community Advisory Group

John Bailey is the CEO & Principal of The Bailey Consulting Network, Chair of the Colorado Black Round Table and the Founder and Lead Convener of the Black Cannabis Equity Initiative (BCEI). John is a political, business and corporate-community consultant who specializes in social equity, diversity and inclusion programming as well as community engagement, planning, project implementation and outreach. He is a former professional athlete and community organizer, a former NJ municipal Cabinet appointee, a former National Director of Weed & Seed with the Bush and Clinton Administrations (he was there for the "War on Drugs"), a sportswear business owner and has 40 years of corporate-community consulting experience.  His clients include leaders in professional sports, the beverage industry, local governments and school districts as well as having managed many successful political campaigns in Colorado and throughout the country. 

John is also the guiding force behind the Colorado Black Round Table,  a statewide organization composed of elected officials, community organizations, faith leaders, educators, businesses, media and concerned citizens. The Colorado Black Round Table is the most influential Black community organization in Colorado and is recognized throughout the state for its advocacy on behalf of Colorado's Black citizens.


John Bailey founded the Black Cannabis Equity Initiative (BCEI) as a value added to the state and as a necessary step for the uplifting and fast tracking of the social equity conversation in the Colorado cannabis space. BCEI's mission is to promote progressive sustainable dialogue, positive community engagement and action around fairness and opportunity in the statewide cannabis landscape. BCEI is an equity thought partner and an equity focal point as well as a bridge between the Black community and the Colorado cannabis industry in the areas of corporate-community accountability, community engagement and outreach, collaborative partnerships, investment opportunity and public policy.

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