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Dr. Thomas Mayes


Cannabis Industry - Black Community Advisory Group

Dr. Thomas Mayes is a Denver native, a Vietnam Veteran, husband of 41 years, father of 4 Adult children & 8 grandchildren.   Dr. Mayes is a Certified Facilitator with the SAAF (Strong African American Family). He is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Coach, Mentor and Trainer throughout the U.S. and So. Africa. He is also a charter member & community liaison of  the Aurora Key Community Response Team of Aurora. Dr. Mayes is a former board member of the JAC (Juvenile Assessment Center) Dr. Mayes serves on the Aurora Police Victims Witness Advisory Board member. He also serves on the Aurora Police IRB (Incident Review Board), and Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s African American advisory Board. He served on the Board of Directors for the Aspen Christian College of Aurora 2010 to 2013.In 1990, Dr. Mayes founded E.S.C.A.P.E. (Everyone Sharing Child Abuse Prevention Education).  Dr. Mayes served as community liaison for the City of Aurora 1990-91 during the (alleged) profiling and racial unrest at the Aurora Mall. He is the recipient of Clergy of the year and Volunteer of the year 2006-2007. He authored the book “The Brilliance of Ignorance” and he partnered with former Aurora Police Chief’s Bennett, Dan Oates and Chief, Nick Metz to create over 2 dozen community forums/meetings mediating controversies, and perceived racial bias in cases of controversial Police shootings. He served as a community liaison for the Aurora Police Department during the following days of the Century 16 Theater shooting 2012 bringing Rev. Jesse Jackson to Aurora to speak against violence. He mediated negotiations between protesters and city officials/police during picketing in Aurora after the Ferguson, Baton Rogue shootings.

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