What is Equity?

Doing the right thing and the quality of being fair.


What is BCEI?

A community driven initiative of concerned black citizens and business leaders focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion opportunity in the Denver metro and Colorado's cannabis industry. BCEI was created in 2019 to promote progressive sustainable dialogue, community engagement and action around fairness and opportunity in the statewide cannabis landscape.

Our Mission

  • BCEI will engage and collaborate with Denver metro and Colorado cannabis dispensaries, owner/operators, industry and government leaders around diversity, inclusion and equity opportunities through advocacy, information and programs. 

  • BCEI is recognized as a leader in the responsible advancement of cannabis equity, diversity and inclusion efforts by promoting  reasonable and sensible cannabis industry-community equity engagement programminging and solutions

  • BCEI  will work with Colorado legislators, cannabis industry leaders and decision makers to assure they are knowledgeable and informed about equity, diversity and inclusion information and efforts to assist them in making beneficial decisions for the cannabis industry and for the residents of Colorado.

Our Vision

To be an equity focal point for authentic dialogue between the Black community and the Colorado cannabis industry as well as a bridge for community engagement, collaboration and partnerships around cannabis equity, diversity and inclusion opportunities

Our Values

  • We will be about a recognition and elimination of equity barriers, institutional racism as well as past indiscretions and systemic abuses

  • We will be about Equity Capacity Building(Identifying and Developing Pathways To Opportunity)

  • We will be about Equity Sustainability(Partnerships and Long Term Relationships)

  • We will be about Good Faith, Fairness, Accountability and a Commitment to Do The Right Thing 

What we Do


We advocate for Black businesses and community participation in the Colorado cannabis industry.



We provide information on cannabis programs and opportunities available to Black businesses, communities and citizens for participation in the Colorado cannabis industry.



We sponsor programs engaging, supporting and evaluating the Colorado and Denver metro cannabis industry's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion efforts related to Black community participation in the Colorado cannabis industry.


Black Cannabis Equity Initiative

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